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Tools and Utilities

Steve has written several tools and utilites, a few of which are listed below.

A new download request facility will be here soon - in the meantime if you would like to have a copy of any of these please email to request it

Metadata Viewer for SAS Enterprise Guide
[Add-in Tool written in C#]

This add-in tool provides a tree viewer to navigate the SAS metadata on your server, displaying the properties and associations. Similar in purpose to the Metadata Browser provided in desktop SAS, this tool will help any programmer trying to develop programs using the metadata API

Change History Transfer tool
[SAS macro code]

A two-part tool that extracts check-in history from a development metadata server and can load the history to a target environment. This allows history, which is not processed as park of a promotion package (.spk file) to be copied into a test or production server, or migrated to a new develpment server when upgrading the SAS version.

If the extract alone is used the resulting SAS dataset can be used to report or analyse check-in history metadata.

Report Source and Target Tables by Job and Job Step
[SAS macro code]

Analyse SAS Data Integration Studio job metadata and report on source and target tables.

Report all checked out items by Developer
[SAS macro code]

Analyse SAS Data Integration Studio metadata to report on all checked out objects, including who holds the checkout and for how long.

Report what Flows incorporate a deployed Job

[SAS macro code]

Analyse SAS Data Integration Studio and Management Console metadata to relate Flows and Jobs

Create SAS indexes from metadata

[SAS macro code]

Generate PROC DATASETS code to define the indexes for any table as specified in SAS metadata

Metadata query: is current user a member of a given Group
 [SAS macro code]

Identity query, useful if you need to implement user-based features or security in a Stored Process or similar code.